Photograph: Jörg Steinbach with “Blue Bollard” 2010

Jörg Steinbach awarded the “Blue Bollard” 2010

The “Blue Bollard” is meant to be a special honorary prize awarded by the Association of Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) to a person, a company or an organisation in the maritime milieu (shipping, fisheries, fish farming)

  • who has made a special effort to promote Norwegian products, technology and companies within his market segment,
  • who has been successful in special path-breaking projects for Norwegian maritime companies within his market segment,
  • who has introduced customers to Norwegian companies and thereby created a lasting cooperation.

The “Blue Bollard” is being handed out every second year in connection with SMM to candidates fulfilling the criteria. Member companies have issued propositions for candidates for evaluation and subsequent appointment by the Market Council in cooperation with NME's administration.

Jörg Steinbach, the chosen winner of the “Blue Bollard” award for 2010 has been active in his market for more than 20 years and is today representing several Norwegian companies in his market. During these years, the winner of this year's “Blue Bollard” has introduced new Norwegian companies and Norwegian technology to his market and has managed to establish long term relations and a leading position for his Norwegian principals in his market, and thereby contributed considerably to the success of his principals.

With the support from companies he represented Jörg Steinbach has developed his company from a one man show to a reputable company with a number of highly qualified em­ployees. He is the winner of the “Blue Bollard” for 2010.