Photograph: FU100 Low Noise Thruster

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Tunnel Thrusters, Azimuth Thrusters, Low-Noise Thrusters, Rim Driven Thrusters

Brunvoll Germany is sales and service station of Brunvoll AS in Germany and the BeNeLux countries.

Sectional drawing of combined Azimuth Retractable/Tunnel Thruster AR63 (1.650 mm, 500 - 880 kW)

Brunvoll offers a highly versatile range of Tunnel Thrusters. Each package can be optimised to meet individual requirements: from standard operations to ice class appli­cations, from DP-class thrusters to light auxiliary duty thrusters, with a power range from 75 kW to 3,500 kW.

Brunvoll supplies Azimuth Thrusters as complete packages including remote control- and drive systems:

  • Azimuth Propulsion Thrusters up to 3,000 kW
  • Azimuth Retractable Thrusters up to 3,000 kW
  • Combined Azimuth Retractable/Tunnel Thrusters (fig. right)
Sectional drawing of Low Noise Thruster

Brunvoll's patented Low Noise Thrusters, with full length double tunnel resiliently mounted (fig. left), reduce noise by 11-15 dB(A) and cause less vibration. Low Noise Thrusters are available from 100 to 3,500 kW.

Photograph: Rim Driven Thruster RDT 800 (800 mm, bis 200 kW)

Brunvoll’s latest thrusters con­cept: Rim Driven Thrusters (RDT, fig. right). RDTs are driven with a permanent magnet motor mount­ed in the thruster's rim, where the motor windings are in the stator and where the rotor has a number of permanent magnets. RDTs are available from 200 to 900 kW.

3D Simulation

3D simulation showing the installation of penetration anchors by the MV ”LONE“.
The ship's position is maintained by DP2-controlled Brunvoll tunnel and azimuth thrusters.